Get drafted to Team Rogers

The Team Rogers Community Draft is helping kids get more from the games they love, when and where it is safe to do so. We’re making it possible by giving them exclusive access to pro athlete mentorship, virtual experiences, and by making contributions towards program fees.

The Team Rogers Community Draft

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Pro Athlete Mentors

Team Rogers gives kids exclusive access to some of the best athletes and trainers in sport. Imagine having the chance to learn from Connor McDavid, Bo Horvat, and John Tavares!

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$150 Towards Program Fees

To help more kids enjoy the sports they love, Team Rogers is contributing $150 towards program fees for thousands of selected draftees across Canada.

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Exclusive Swag and Experiences

Just like the pros, kids will receive special hockey swag kits and get suited up in their very own Team Rogers gear. From swag to virtual fireside chats and special hockey inspired trivia, Team Rogers exclusive experiences make all this happen and more.

Get drafted by Team Rogers and get access to the pros

If your kid is selected for the Team Rogers Community Draft, they’ll get exclusive access to virtual mentorship from pros. This could be anything from a fireside chat with John Tavares to watching Connor McDavid offer tips on how to pass under pressure. Plus, they’ll have access to fun exclusive content from Sportsnet personalities.


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